Howto import Google Maps into Garmin MapSource

How to get a Google Maps route into Garmin MapSource, so you can edit the track and use it in your Garmin device.

Well, this is very easy if you know how:
MapSource can import the .GPX format. So we start there.

1. Create a route at
2. Maps can create a link for you. Copy that “link” URL.
4. Paste the URL in that page where it says “Or provide the URL of a file on the Web”
5. Click “Convert”.
6. A GPX file will be generated after a short time. Copy that text into a text editor, like Notepad or UltraEdit (or whatever you use).
7. Now open this .gpx file in Mapsource.
9. There  you will have your Google Maps track in MapSource, so  you can edit it, save it or upload it to your Garmin.