Numlock ON in Fedora after restart

Recently I switched my Windows Vista workstation for a Fedora 15 workstation, using KDE.
One of the first things I ran into was my NumLock set to OFF after a (re)start.
I personally want my NumLock to be ON for several reasons.

There’s not a way to make this happen in KDE or Gnome, so I did following:
I installed a little tool called “numlockX”.

From the command line you need to type following (as root):

yum install numlockx

With this little tool you can manually toggle your numlock status from command line.  However, we need to run numlockx automatically after system startup.
So I created a little script called “” that contains following lines:

#! /bin/sh
/usr/bin/numlockx on
exit 1

To create this script i use nano, as follows:

nano -w /home/<your username>/.config/autostart/

(replace <your username> with the name of your user folder)
Save (<CTRL-S>) and quit (<CTRL-X>) nano, and then make it executable:

chmod +x /home/<your username>/.config/autostart/

….and you’re done.